Stargaze is our gold reflective glitter! Shine under the flash on your phone for a super sparkly effect!


Please note all our glitters come in 5g pots however due to the nature of different size/shaped glitter, there may not be 5g of product in the pot. Every pot will be filled equally and to the top.


We do our best to provide photos as true to colour as possible. Please note there may be some slight differences in the colour when the product arrives.


**Advisable to wear a mask whilst using this product. Please take care and do not inhale**




Apply your 2 coats of gel polish colour, using a similar gel polish colour to the glitter will give you better results when applying full coverage glitter. If the gel polish you use has a good tacky layer, then once you have cured the last layer of gel polish, if you don’t have a good tacky layer then use a base coat, you can then apply the glitter by dipping a dry glitter brush into the glitter pot. Then gently pat the glitter into the tacky layer on the nail, brush the excess of with a duster brush, then clean up the excess glitter from around the cuticles with an orange stick, once you are happy with the application pop it into your lamp for 30 secs this will help set the glitter a little bit, this will help when applying your top coat. Then apply 2 layers of top coat this will make sure the nail is nice and smooth.



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