Sour is our super holographic green shards! These shards are thicker in consistency which makes them perfect for encapsualting in acrylic, hard gel or builder gel!


This product comes in a 3G pot.


We do our very best to provide photos as true to colour as possible. Please note there may be some slight differences in the colour when the product arrives due to how the camera and light is picked up on the product. If you would like more information please contact us or see our social media.


** Advisable to wear a mask whilst using this product. Please take care and do not inhale**



Apply your 2 coats of gel polish curing in between. Once your second coat is cured add a layer of base coat and add your shards to the uncured base coat. Once you have applied as many as your client wishes cure in the lamp. You will then need to go over with another layer of base coat to seal in the shards. Once your second layer I cured you may need to wipe the tacky layer and buff to make it smooth. You may find that it will need another layer of base coat or encapsulating depending on how thick your base coat is. Once you are happy with your base coat, finish with your chosen top coat.


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