Purple Rain is our super neon purple pigment! 


How to apply

Apply 2 coats of white gel polish with a good tacky layer, once you are happy and the nail is cured, then decant a little bit of neon nail pigment into the lid of our pot.  Using a gel brush/pigment brush, pat both sides of your brush onto the neon pigment loading up the brush. Pat your brush over the whole nail making sure you are turning the brush over when you need more pigment always double check to fully cover all the white. Once you have covered the whole nail, clean your brush on a dry pad, then lightly brush off any excess pigment powder with a fluffy brush. Apply top coat over the whole nail to seal, make sure to cover all of the pigmented areas with top coat otherwise when you clean the nail you will end up with white areas wherever you haven’t applied top coat.  This mostly happens around the cuticles and side walls. Its best to apply 2 layers of top coat this also helps seal the pigment.If you wanted to have it matt looking, then please apply normal top coat first then apply matt as matt polish can drag the product from the nail.


This product approximatley comes in 2g. Please note this pot will not be full to the top as it comes in a 5g pot.


We do our best to provide photos as true to colour as possible. Please note there may be some slight differences in the colour when the product arrives.


**Advisable to wear a mask whilst using this product. Please take care and do not inhale**

Purple Rain

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