Transfer foils are so on trend, so easy to apply and look so amazing!


Available in approximatley 1m lenghts and comes in a grip seal 



Transfer Foils To apply our foils, you need a sticky base. If your gel polish has good tacky layer then you can dab the foil into this layer. If it doesn’t have a good tacky layer then you will need a stickier base, we recommend using a Nail Foil Adhesive or a foil gel.If you want a full foiled look then you will need to apply a full foil gel to the nail onto of the gel polish colour you have chosen and cure. Then apply your foil onto the nail then push over the area firmly with your finger, make sure you push the foil around the side walls and free edge. You can also use a silicone tool to push the foil onto the nail. Once you are happy with your application off foil apply, gently file around the free edge and then apply the top coat to seal the foil, we recommend applying 2 coats of top coat to prevent ant peeling or fading of the foil.


We do our very best to provide photos as true to colour as possible. Please note there may be some slight differences in the colour when the product arrives due to how the camera and light is picked up on the product. If you would like more information please contact us or see our social media.


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